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2N Smartcom Pro

2N Smartcom Pro

2N® SmartCom PRO – an integrated solution for smart networks.  Reading and control of energy meters – electricity, gas, water and heat – gives the end user a precise and immediate overview of energy consumption. It gives energy distributors the ability to check energy deliveries and read meters online.

The 2N® SmartCom PRO also lets consumers connect devices for their own control of individual appliances and home automation or building automation devices (for example, smart sockets or temperature sensors, lights etc.).

The 2N®

Remote Data Reading and Device Control

The 2N® Energy Management multi-utility solution reads data from all energy meters and sensors remotely, as well as controlling individual devices or circuits. The system evaluates collected data according to its configured criteria and automatically decides on further action. It’s elegant and proactive. For example, it allows the management of electrical energy consumption, the switching on or off of air-conditioning, heating and lights. 2N® Energy Management enables cost-effective oversight of entire buildings and is often the preferred example of cutting-edge automation in ‘smart buildings.’

SmartCom PRO is also fully prepared for integration with third party software solutions, and not just in the area of Smart Metering