SATELLAR XT 5R IP radio modems provide reliable IP Radio telemetry for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, supreme performance and long range are required.
SATELLAR XT 5R is an IP radio unit that can be used in stations where a standard RS-connection is sufficient. SATELLAR XT 5R can operate as a transparent IP radio link, essentially replacing a wire with classic RS-232  based protocol. Various network topologies, from simple point-to-point link to a long-range point-to-multipoint system with multiple repeaters are available with SATELLAR XT 5R.
SATELLAR is designed to be flexible and expandable. It can be used in serial data or IP-transfer (TCP/IP) mode. Support of remote management and over-the-air firmware updates reduces the number of site visits. The Linux operating system enables IP routing and controls SATELLAR’s internal operations. The radio modem has various IP technology features to support easy and smart integration with an existing infrastructure.