Satel Benelux

On 12 July 2007 Satel Benelux was founded and started with the supply of exclusively UHF radio modems. The core business of Satel Benelux was the technical support, marketing and distribution of Radio Modems in the Netherlands. The sale went through Nautikaris.

Over the years Satel Benelux has started to take care of sales for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and we have built up a good circle of customers. The field has also become somewhat broader than just radio modems.

Satel Benelux now focuses on both wired and wireless telemetry solutions.

We carry the following brands:

Radio – Satel

3G & 4G – Korenix, InHand Networks and 2N

LoRaWan gateway -Fleet Space

Perimeter protection – Sieza

The Mission Critical markets, where a reliable telemetry network is important, are the following markets:

  • GNSS – Land Survey, Machine Control and Precision Agriculture
  • ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Marine – Dredging activities, Offshore Observations, Rig Moves, Salvage, etcetera
  • Energy – Smart Grids, Grid Monitoring
  • SCADA – Control flow measurements and pumping stations
  • Broadcasting – Camera control (live report)

Of course there are also customers outside these markets where telemetry is needed.

Since 2018 Satel Benelux is the distributor of Korenix in the Benelux. Korenix is ​​a subsidiary of the Beijer group. Korenix has a focus on industrial automation for both wired and wireless solutions.