Rugged Telemetry Solutions

Rugged Telemetry Solutions – WLAN
Sundray Access Points provide a protection level high up to IP 68 and supports 802.11a/b/g/n, two streams, a maximum access rate of 600 Mbps, Gigabit uplink port, and PoE power supply.
Our outdoor Access Point supports professional lightning protection design and waterproof, dustproof anti-corrosion of safety and security equipment itself, while providing wireless transmission channel resort of wireless monitoring devices and safety management.
The WLAN solution is particularly well suited for open public spaces, tourist areas as well as Sport Arenas and Stadiums.

Rugged Telemetry Solutions – Radio
IP67 classified UHF radio modem  for wireless data transfer both with a 1W or a 35W Output Power. The radio solution is particularly well suited for outdoor use (i.e. Marine, Machine Control , Land surveying) under rough weather conditions. According to the IP67 standard, the casing and connectors of the SATEL Compact-Proof  are waterproof and secured against dust.
Also available is an IP69K classified radio modem. The IP69K* sealed housing and connectors ensure the functionality even under extremely harsh environmental conditions (e.g. construction equipment, precision farming, all-terrain vehicles, automotive and marine).