Satel Benelux is now supplier of Sieza MDS -Human Presence Detector

MDS – Human Presence Detector is designed to detect persons hidden in vehicle. The system indicates movement by means of extremely
sensitive seismic sensors and its subsequently analyzes the obtained data with the use of advanced computer algorithms.

■ High detection efficiency
■ Easy use
■ Inspection efficiency
■ Magnets for horizontal and vertical attachment of sensors
■ Sensor for elimination of ground vibrations
■ Sensor for elimination of climatic conditions
■ On-line displaying of signal from sensors
■ Indication of unsuitable measurement conditions
■ Displaying the course of the presence test of persons
■ Minimum space requirements
■ Export of measurement results
■ Outdoor design of the sensors

Sieza MDS

Basics characteristics

The MDS system detects any movement generated by a hidden person that is in contact with the interior or cargo of the vehicle, including such tiny signals as the heartbeat. Motions of hidden persons and human heartbeat are detected with the use of sensitive sensors attached to the vehicle with strong magnets either in a horizontal or vertical position.
From the sensors data are sent via cables to a computer, where the measured data are subjected to stringent analysis and subsequent evaluation. The measurement time is approx. 30 seconds while the total vehicle check time does not exceed 2 minutes, including application and removal of the sensors.
Fare dodgers, illegal immigrants or terrorists may be transported in
lorries or trucks from one country to another without meeting the legal requirements to enter these countries. Trucks are often sealed or loaded in such a way that renders standard visual check of the cargo space impossible.
Responsible authorities keep fighting against transport of hidden persons. Not all methods, as e.g. measurement of CO2 concentration or X-raying of cargo spaces of trucks are reliable in all cases and can be sometimes circumvented.
MDS (Movement Detection System) is a simple, non – invasive measurement method. It is passive detection that does not have any side effects for the human organism or equipment in its vicinity. MDS is an advanced version of the classical Human Presence
Detector. It is the latest generation of a detector of hidden persons that makes it possible to reveal hidden persons with almost 100% reliability in less than 1 minute.


Thanks to three design versions vehicles can be checked not only in stable locations as ports and border crossings and entrance gates of sites, but also in the field where checks may move as the smugglers’ paths or reloading points change.

As the stationary version of the MDS system is firmly installed, it is suitable for routine checks.

Typical applications:

    • checks of trucks and cars in prisons
    • customs and port checks focusing on illegal immigrants
stationary MDS

stationary MDS