Telemetry in Marine Environments are used for various mission critical applications. For near shore applications people use a cellular solution for telemetry. However when the distance from shore becomes bigger the best option for data transmission is Radio Telemetry.

Over the years Satel has been used in various applications, such as:

  • Port Monitoring (Tide, Turbidity, Salinity, Current Speed and Direction)
  • Mooring and Berthing operations
  • Hydrographic Surveys and Oceanographic Surveys
  • Offshore Measurements (Oil and Gas, Helideck Monitoring)
  • MetOcean (Weather Sensors and Subsea sensors combined)
  • AUV (Data transmission when the unit comes to the surface)
  • Rig Moves
  • Dredging Operations (Control of the pump station)
  • Salvage

In case of Radio we recommend the use of the Satelline EASy for RS-232 communication. For some applications where TCP/IP is required we recommend the Satellar IP Radio.

For environmental monitoring around rivers and lakes people are looking oftenly for a more cost effective solution. We recommend the 2N telemetry solution for transmission of various sensors over various interfaces.