About Satel

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Wireless world – Local solution



SATEL has specialized in designing and manufacturing radio modems since 1986. Satel provides wireless data communication solutions for different devices and applications.
Satel radio modems are used in mission critical data transfer. The security applications, for example, extend from extensive surveillance systems used to protect private or public property against crime. Radio modems are also used for a number of remote control applications, including haulage trucks in mines and snow guns on skiing slopes.
The SATELLAR Digital System radio modem family broadens our offering from serial communications to TCP/IP-based applications.
Satel’s cornerstones have always been excellent RF performance and lasting product reliability.


Satel obtained the ISO 14001:2004 environmental certificate in 2008 but the company has a long tradition of environmentally friendly practices.

When the RoHS directive of the European Union, which limits the use of hazardous substances in electronics, came into effect in 2006, Satel had an advantage compared to the competition. As a pioneer of adopting new manufacturing technologies, Satel was already using cutting edge processes.

Satel maintains continuous processes for reducing energy consumption and improving recycling efficiency in production as well as other operations. Initiatives for reducing the environmental footprint of the company are reviewed and updated regularly.

Ranges with a Modem

The operation range  varies depending on the transmission power, antenna gain and mast height and environment. In rural areas a 1 W radio modem with a line-of-sight radio link may range over 20 km and even up to 50 km in ideal environments. In dense metropolitan areas, a corresponding range may vary from several kilometres to over 10 km. With a 35 W radio modem, a range of up to 100 km can be reached. By using a radio modem as a repeater station, much broader areas can be covered.

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