Perimeter protection alarm systems

Perimeter detection system

Perimeter protection alarm systems
The purpose of perimeter protection is to detect an intruder right on the border of protected area to be able of timely and effective reaction. This means lower risk and prevention of larger damages then the detection of intruder inside the protected site.

Increasingly frequent intrusions to guarded industrial and strategic facilities using specialised tools are a challenge in the development of security technologies for the future.
It is not just about climbing over or sneaking under a barrier, nowadays we have to be ready for premeditated and planned attacks against the security system to disable its function. The answer is to use perimeter protection as a robust and sturdy
system to prevent or hinder damage or deactivation of the devices.

Perimeter Protection Fence Detection System Antivandal
Accurate Perimeter Protection fence detection system offers solutions for precise and effective protection of facilities at the highest security level “Grade 4 – High Risk”.
Such a high level of protection for example is required for power plants, military bases, airfields or other strategic facilities.
Antivandal system, which is derived from the system Standard, effectively detects vibrations from the fencing caused by mechanical stimuli arising out of attempts to overcome
it (climbing, cutting, lifting) with a pin point accuracy of up to usually 2.5 – 3 m per fence panel.

Increased resistance to the system installed on the fence protects it against possible intended violation by means of a protective fl exible steel tube, which contains the Bus that carries digital
communication between the detectors, input/output modules located on the detection line and evaluation unit. The protective tube also provides high protection against the possible electromagnetic
distortion within the Bus.

The Anativandal system, as well as Standard and Hidden, allows individual settings for particular elements of the system according to specific conditions
at the protected facility and individual customer requirements. Using the system’s unique functionality of “Differential Logic” signifi cantly reduces
false alarms caused by bad weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds, hail). The system can be easily connected to the standard security and
control systems, its integration with CCTV provides a High-end security solution that meets the most stringent requirements for safety in all weather conditions. It is is certified to operate at
temperatures from –55°C to +85°C.

If required, it’s modular architecture allows you at any time to branch out and/or extend your already protected perimeter, without changing the previously installed
equipment. Easily and without additional cost to the existing technology, the fence detection system can be complemented with our accurate underground perimeter
detection system.