Grid Monitoring using Industrial Cellular Routers


To safeguard and continuously improve the operational quality of electrical distribution networks, power customers are increasing their efforts to monitor every device on the distribution network. As a critical component of any smart-grid deployment, substation monitoring is key to these efforts.

In order to observe the power consumption status of distribution end-use sectors, power utilities hope to obtain real-time monitoring data from substations. This data is vital for analyzing the operational status of end-users and to detect potential problems, which may shorten outage duration, thus improving the power supply quality.

InHand Networks has over ten years of experiences in building wireless communication networks. For widely scattered distribution automation systems, InHand creates fast and easy to use 4G LTE and 3G network routers designed for real-time monitoring of substation performance, including GOOSE, DNP3, SMS and Modbus.


The InRouter900 series are the next evolution of InHand Networks’ trusted InRouter series. By integrating an embedded 4G LTE or 3G communication module and data acquisition solutions, the IR900 help customers avoid incurring additional cost for telemetry software and hardware. With InHand’s device cloud, the Device Network Platform, the InRouter900 will transmit operational data from the substation to the cloud monitoring center to achieve instant substation monitoring for thousands of devices spread over the grid.

The InRouter900 also supports email and SMS alarms, so that when a malfunction occurs in a substation, the IR900 will quickly generate an alarm message and transmit it to operations staff by email or SMS. Real-time online awareness allows technicians to shorten outage durations, prevent events such as rolling blackouts, and minimize impacts to the quality of consumer power distribution.


  • The 4G LTE or 3G InRouter900 delivers real benefits to power customers:
  • Upgraded power supply efficiency and shortened outage durations,
  • Less operations support costs with a central cloud platform,
  • Rapidly repair any malfunction with alarm functionality,
  • Quick responses to unexpected problems.

The InHand solution for substation monitoring is designed for scalable, quick deployments with no downtime, ensuring positive budgetary performance. Substations become intelligent, allowing customers to detect and solve potential problems in the distribution network quickly and efficiently. With the embedded data acquisition and local alarm functions in the InRouter900, customers can enjoy real-time monitoring of the substations with upgraded fault response efficiency and reduced on-site support.

Grid Monitoring using Radio

Monitor your grid

Grid monitoring becomes more reliable when using a private network in stead of a public network. With Satel radio modems it is easy to set up a network that controls and monitors the condition of the SCADA system. In particular energy transfer, which is sensitive to problematic situations, possible breaks in distribution must be kept as short as possible. This requires a reliable monitoring and control network. If problems arise, malfunctioning stations can be pinpointed quickly and in some instances restored remotely.

Satel – Smart communication for smart grids.

Examples of SCADA systems based on Satel products:

Smart grids:
Electricity distribution – communication between the disconnector terminal units and the network control centre
Electric meter – monitoring of electricity consumption in real-time

Wind mills – controlling and monitoring the turbines (wind speed, humidity, temperature, amount of produced energy)
Waterworks – remote control and real-time monitoring of pumping stations, water reservoirs and distribution substations
Sewer networks – flow and leakage monitoring
District heating – monitoring of measurement stations and pumps, remote control and real-time monitoring of control valves
Gas pipelines – gas compressing and pressure reduction stations monitoring

Today’s grid  monitoring meets the following challenges:

  • Need of more functions, more intelligence
  • Increasing amount of information requires high reliability and availability in wireless communication networks
  • The communication network has to be reliable and safe
  • The communication networks has to survive extreme weather and environmental conditions

Satel is ready in providing such a network!