Telemetry OEM Modules

For both radio networks as well as cellular networks Satel Benelux provides OEM Telemetry Modules. Their compact, ruggedized wireless communication devices are a key component of remote automation deployments worldwide, spanning multiple industries and applications.

OEM Telemetry Modules in radio networks are available and ready to be build within the Data Terminal Equipment.  The Satel OEM Telemetry Modules are small and light-weight radio modems. They are designed for integration into the user’s terminal equipment.

The modem and transceiver are enclosed in a steel or aluminium housing, depending on the frequency range selected. All the applicable radio, EMC and electrical safety requirements are met without any additional casing.

In the cellular market the OEM Telemetry Modules are built inside RTU’s and function in so-called GPRS/CDMA bearer networks. GPRS architecture works on the same procedure like GSM network, but, has additional entities that allow packet data transmission. This data network overlaps a second-generation GSM network providing packet data transport at the rates from 9.6 to 171 kbps. Along with the packet data transport the GSM network accommodates multiple users to share the same air interface resources concurrently.

Key features:

  • Rugged Industrial Design
  • High Reliability
  • Ease of Management