Centauri I successfully launches on ISRO’s PSLV-C43 Mission

30 NOVEMBER 2018

Our Fleet of NanoSatellites continues to grow! Centauri I Successfully launched into a stable orbit and is reporting back healthy and ready for action.

Together with Fleet’s Proxima I & II, Centauri I is in nominal orbit and ready to perform its duties. The Fleet team is incredibly proud to have three satellites reaching orbit all in a matter of weeks.

Centauri I leaving the deployer in orbit

Centaur I leaving

Over the next several weeks Centauri I will be putting its payloads through their paces as it prepares to deliver global internet connectivity for the Internet of Things.

Soon Proxima I & II and Centauri I will be joined by Centauri II, launching aboard SpaceX’s upcoming Falcon 9 mission a few days from now. It’s an incredible time here at Fleet HQ!